Break Stigma

The world is changing, and it's High time to let go of negative stereotypes and push for positive change. Our iconic gummy bear is a wink and a nod to those in the know, and a way to start the conversation about normalizing responsible cannabis consumption.

Embrace the Lifestyle

This isn't your 1990's PSA vision of stoner culture. Real ones understand boundaries, promote positivity & community, and champion autonomy. We're literally just here to chill and eat hot chips, so whether you're puffing or passing, you're always welcome in the circle.

Practice Radical Badassery

If you can be one thing, be a mother-effing BADASS. Get shit done. Stand up for what matters. Be you, everyday, with pride. It's not just about saying you're a high-achieving chillster, it's about being one, and looking good while you're doing it!

Yeah we didn't read all that either

Watch these guys instead

Founders Andy & Matt explain HAF ideology

Meet our HAF Founders

Andy and Matt set out with a simple goal: to provide cool people with the most comfortable clothing they've ever put on their mother effing bodies.

Anyone can get HAF

But only the coolest people can handle their high and still get shit done. That's who HAF Loungewear is for. It's for folks who partake and perform. Folks who live the lifestyle and still have a life. It's for the business person, the athlete, the doctor, the professor, or anyone with goals. We've been stuck in a stereotype long enough—it's time to start changing minds and living Kind.